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Dental Avenue

Dr. Ronald Bonilla

and Periodontist

Dra. Fernanda Da Cruz


Dra. Juliana Batalla


Dra. Gabriela Murillo

General Dentist
I am Dr. Gabriela Murillo, general dentist. I love to practice this profession and to provide, with utmost care, the best possible treatment for our patients. We take pride in seeing them leave happy with the highest quality treatments and materials. We invite you to have the best odontological experience at Smile Studio!

Dra. Sabrina Seidner

General Dentist
I'm Dr. Sabrina Seidner, General Dentist. I offer my patients complete dedication and professionalism in the different treatments we offer. We are pleased to see the remarkable results and that you are satisfied with our work. In the clinic, excellence and quality are guaranteed for each of the patients that are part of Smile Studio.

Dr. Martin Quesada

Pediatric Dentistry
Hello, I am Dr. Martín Quesada Pediatric Dentist, with more than 10 years of providing oral health to the little ones. It is fascinating to be able to practice my profession in the most professional way to be able to see those little smiles shine.

Dr. Alejandro Saenz

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dra. Elizabeth Palacios

I am Dr. Elizabeth Palacios, orthodontist.

I am a member of the Board of Costa Rican Dental Surgeons, member of the Costa Rican Board of Orthodontists (ACO), member of the Costa Rican Orthodontics Academy, member of ALADO (Latin-American Orthodontics Association) and member of WFO (World Federation of Orthodontist).
I am a “Top doctor Platinum of Invisalign® ” I graduated from Universidad de Costa Rica, as an orthodontist and functional orthopedics doctor in 1986. I’ve been helping people smile with confidence ever since. That is my passion and satisfaction.

Dr. Willie Jaikel


Sandra Sánchez

Patient Coordinator
My name is Sandra Sánchez, Commercial Director. My function is to plan, direct and manage the clinic comercial activities. In addition, I carefully ensure that the attention and satisfaction of each patient is of excellence when they visit our facilities

Yanny Gonzalez

Assistant Receptionist
I am Yanny González, Administrator of Dental Avenue.

I love serving our patients, receiving them with a beautiful smile, worrying about their needs, giving them with the best quality service, being their companion along with a highly professional team. The most beautiful thing to me is witnessing each dreamed and created smile, that makes me very happy. In addition, my day to day activities include coordinating all the operations of the clinic so that it works optimally and ensure that each patient enjoys an excellent experience in our clinic..

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